Paintball gaming consists of opposing persons or teams, using a shooting instrument known as a ‘Marker’ to tag each other with a projectile consisting of a small ball of paint. The paintball breaks on contact with the target & it leaves a coloured mark on the clothes or skin of the opponent. Once an opponent is hit, he/she is out of the game. There are many different games that are played, under the watchful eye of our ‘marshalls’ who regulate the game & see to the safety of the operation.

USD $13.50 Gear / USD $10 for 100 Balls.

Must be 14 and over. Advised to Book in Advance: Call 876.618.0780 or 618 0479

Min. of 4 players, for up to 45min field play.
(Includes gear, equipment and use of field.)

*** Paintball age minimum is 14 years. Paintballs sold at the rate of USD $10/100 balls.
*Pricing subject to change without notice. No refunds, rain checks or exchanges, including for loss or theft.